Sunday, December 1, 2013

A merry merry Christmas to everyone!

Look how much progress we've made since our first duo photo session back in 2012!


And back!

We didn't have to take a whole bunch this time because the boys were quite happy to oblige. Yes, that's a huge milestone in my book. :-)

Shutterfly has always been trusty, fabulous, and budget-friendly for us; I always check the "Special Offers" page first for coupon codes. Even just a free shipping code helps a lot. :o)

(It cost me a little over $50 to order 55 of these double-sided photo cards *including envelopes* after a hefty discount and free shipping. Not bad, right?)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fancy a perfect iced coffee at home, anyone?

Having preferred iced coffee over hot coffee my entire life, I always knew that cold brew must be the way to do it because pouring hot coffee over ice never worked for me... But all the popular cold brew methods I found were either rather complicated (OK, tedious is the word) or I simply didn't own all the required tools. So all these years, I never really gave much thought to making iced coffee at home. :o)

And then Ashley of the fabulous lifestyle blog Hither & Thither posted this amazing tip on homemade iced coffee a few months ago that just made so much sense (and does not require a fancy mesh strainer or cheesecloth, I promise).

If you should check out one thing today, it is this post by Ashley.

(Photo from Hither & Thither)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alive and doing quite well!

It has literally been forever and a day since this blog was updated. Life just kept happening and two little guys that are not so little anymore have definitely been keeping my hands full.

By God's grace, we have been doing pretty well -- both Collin (turning 5 in just four months!) and Aaron (almost 2 1/2 already!) have been growing like champs and are enjoying each other's company more and more.

They're showering each other (and all of us) with a ton of love and, some intrusion, let's just say, but are generally absolutely happy and glad to have each other. (Never mind the ceaseless trespassings and invasion of each other's toys, things, and territories on a daily basis, which is a whole another post!)

Just hanging out at home and around the neighborhood all summer long:

By the way, Collin wants to be a superhero (and is turning out to be quite a funny guy overall):

Aaron, on the other hand, doesn't mind getting mistaken as a baby girl and still smiles lots and loves to make silly faces:

Aren't the boys quite a riot? Sung and I really can't wrap our heads around how different their personalities are. A total real wonder! (More on this soon! :o)


By the way, Bloglovin has been quite nifty in keeping up-to-date with my most favorite blogs around the web. Is everyone all using Bloglovin?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whole Foods donuts, anyone?

Yes, Whole Foods really does sell donuts and this is what they look like:

They're actually pretty big, actually bigger(!) than the Dunkin Donuts'...

...And with a price tag like this as you can see in this pic -- $5.99 for a pack of six donuts made without ANY artificial food coloring or preservatives??? -- you know why we're only eating Whole Foods donuts.

(OK, we will give the boys some Krispy Kreme donuts one day but that's a whole another story!)

That's all for today. :^)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friendly boy

Aaron, who is now a little man, loves to say hi to strangers these days.

He could literally stand on the sidewalk waving hello to anyone and everyone. Almost everyone thinks they're saying hi to a little girl though, regardless of the color of his outfit. (Hahaha.)

Like, this is all he would do, standing out in the cold on the way to the parking lot of the Paramus Park Mall on Rt. 17.

I guess this means both of my boys are quite outgoing...?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally! The real 3-D Valentine's Day cards!

Remember my very mediocre 3-D Valentine's cards from last year?

They really didn't do any justice to the uber inspiring tutorials by Gabrielle of DesignMom and Alissa of 24-7-365. :o(

However, I am happy to report that this year, we were able to take the "right pictures" so the outcome was pretty amazing!

(Message says "I thank God for you!" :o)

The organic lollipops (who knew?!) were a real hit as well. (They even have ones that come with a daily dose of Vitamin C!)