Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friendly boy

Aaron, who is now a little man, loves to say hi to strangers these days.

He could literally stand on the sidewalk waving hello to anyone and everyone. Almost everyone thinks they're saying hi to a little girl though, regardless of the color of his outfit. (Hahaha.)

Like, this is all he would do, standing out in the cold on the way to the parking lot of the Paramus Park Mall on Rt. 17.

I guess this means both of my boys are quite outgoing...?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally! The real 3-D Valentine's Day cards!

Remember my very mediocre 3-D Valentine's cards from last year?

They really didn't do any justice to the uber inspiring tutorials by Gabrielle of DesignMom and Alissa of 24-7-365. :o(

However, I am happy to report that this year, we were able to take the "right pictures" so the outcome was pretty amazing!

(Message says "I thank God for you!" :o)

The organic lollipops (who knew?!) were a real hit as well. (They even have ones that come with a daily dose of Vitamin C!)