Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fancy a perfect iced coffee at home, anyone?

Having preferred iced coffee over hot coffee my entire life, I always knew that cold brew must be the way to do it because pouring hot coffee over ice never worked for me... But all the popular cold brew methods I found were either rather complicated (OK, tedious is the word) or I simply didn't own all the required tools. So all these years, I never really gave much thought to making iced coffee at home. :o)

And then Ashley of the fabulous lifestyle blog Hither & Thither posted this amazing tip on homemade iced coffee a few months ago that just made so much sense (and does not require a fancy mesh strainer or cheesecloth, I promise).

If you should check out one thing today, it is this post by Ashley.

(Photo from Hither & Thither)