Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alive and doing quite well!

It has literally been forever and a day since this blog was updated. Life just kept happening and two little guys that are not so little anymore have definitely been keeping my hands full.

By God's grace, we have been doing pretty well -- both Collin (turning 5 in just four months!) and Aaron (almost 2 1/2 already!) have been growing like champs and are enjoying each other's company more and more.

They're showering each other (and all of us) with a ton of love and, some intrusion, let's just say, but are generally absolutely happy and glad to have each other. (Never mind the ceaseless trespassings and invasion of each other's toys, things, and territories on a daily basis, which is a whole another post!)

Just hanging out at home and around the neighborhood all summer long:

By the way, Collin wants to be a superhero (and is turning out to be quite a funny guy overall):

Aaron, on the other hand, doesn't mind getting mistaken as a baby girl and still smiles lots and loves to make silly faces:

Aren't the boys quite a riot? Sung and I really can't wrap our heads around how different their personalities are. A total real wonder! (More on this soon! :o)


By the way, Bloglovin has been quite nifty in keeping up-to-date with my most favorite blogs around the web. Is everyone all using Bloglovin?

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