Thursday, February 11, 2016

Delicious organic chicken nuggets with homemade look and taste

Every busy mom needs a reliable ready-made food item to just grab and go and in my years of experience with chicken-lovers, these are the best, healthiest option out there.

Bell & Evans is a true winner when it comes to breaded chicken products. They are made from all natural chicken and raised without antibiotics and are 100% whole breast meat pieces, with no extenders or fillers or preservatives.

Let's just say everyone I have served these chicken nuggets and tenders to had thought that these were totally homemade. Every. single. time. :-)

They go on these massive sales (otherwise they're 6.99-9.99 per pack) once in a while, so do wait for a sale to stock up!

(Yes, I can be a crazy lady taking pictures of a freezer section at a grocery.)

I usually just pop them in the toaster oven to serve with fruit (we like glazed mango pieces or apple slices) as the boys' afternoon snack or use them in salads.

They are totally, absolutely fool-proof and always always delightful. Two thumbs up, for sure!

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