Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What to do when kiddos are bored

According to The Wall Street Journal, "kids who complain of boredom aren't necessarily lazy or slacking off, but are actually in a tense, negative state."

And what you don't want to do is "mask the state of boredom with excessive stimulation," because "in the long term, it makes us more ripe for boredom." How true!

Would you know what to do when your children say they are bored?

According to the article, here are the "boredom busters":

- Take a breath. Resist the urge to get angry or punish the child for being 'lazy.'

- Don't jump right in: Make the child responsible for finding a solution.

- Limit screen time: including computer, video games, and TV.

- Avoid the toy box: Guide the child toward imaginative or active play instead.

- Fill a jar with paper slips with the child's ideas for things to do.

- Suggest chores that will make other options seem more appealing.


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