Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jeff Bridges knows how to love a woman+genius parenting tip from his mom

Sung and I love anything with Jeff Bridges in it because he is such a great actor (one of the best, for sure).

But boy, can I just say that this recent article (featuring this Oprah's Master Class episode) about Jeff Bridges' love story totally made my heart swell?

How adorable is the story of their fateful first meeting and how sweet is it that they've been married for 38 years now!

Listen to him talk about his thoughts on marriage...

...And if you should watch one more worthy Youtube video today, I'm also loving his stories about his mom and how she gave him the greatest gift that a mom could give her child -- time together every. single. day.

I mean, I strive to spend quality time with each of my children on a daily basis, but I have to admit, our time spent together isn't always necessarily quality time.

On most days, I'm good about staying away from my laptop or my phone whenever my children are around (I go by my self-imposed "no-phone-while-the-boys-are-awake" policy), but I'm also cooking in the kitchen or cleaning up some kind of mess somewhere (which, if you think about it, could all get done while the boys are at school if I spent my morning hours wisely -- basically, if I worked less during the day and got much more done at night) if I'm not chauffering them around to different things after school...

Well, I did resort to getting the boys to do food prep with me and they seem to not mind the "chores"...they're excellent garlic peelers and scoopers of all grainy things now. Oh, and to my and everyone's surprise, the Aaron Man can get some serious dishwashing done by himself!

(By the way, if you haven't checked it out yet... Isn't his official website pretty cool! ;-)

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  1. I heard the story too and I loved it. really moving story


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