Sunday, December 20, 2015

Activities for boys?

Have you heard of this cool mommy blog entitled "All for the Boys" yet?

If not, I'm strongly nudge you to hop on over immediately to explore. ;-)

Allison, a mom of two boys, has amassed quite a collection of crafts and activities over the years, and has graciously been sharing her ideas, tips, inspirations, printables, product reviews...just the entire treasure trove on the World Wide Web. (How generous is this fabulous mom?! :-)

I can't say enough what a great f you have hands-on children who love creativity and play (OK, that would be ALL children out there ;-), this is the one blog you should be keeping track of on a daily basis.

My little guys love all things science, so you know that I was one happy woman when I first found out about Allison's blog!

That's all for today. :^)

(All images from All for the Boys)

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