Monday, July 20, 2015

Potty training too early

As a mom who wasn't too worried about potty training early, I was so happy to see that there were some major benefits to not pressing my children to be toilet trained by 3 (or even by 2, which seems to be the most common age among the moms I've met over the years... Yes, I was shocked.).

If you never thought that chronic constipation or UTIs are something your young child might suffer from, please think again.

Here is an eye-opening revelation over at Babble that really put things into perspective for me a few years back and if you think you and your child might need some help, here is the website of the article's author, Dr. Steven Hodges.

(Yes, constipation and UTIs are all treatable. Please do not worry!).

As for the boy who looks like he's fully potty trained by now (because he's so old at 4 years and 2 months) but still wears nighttime diapers when going to bed at night...

I'm not too stressed out about Aaron because even though Collin potty trained late at 33 months AND still wore his nighttime diapers to bed till over a year after that, he was/is totally fine.

As in, I just waited and waited for Collin to give me the go... Then one day out of the blue, he was totally game and never, ever looked back. He never had an "accident" since so naturally, I don't mind repeating the whole process with Aaron.

Oh, and both of them poop daily. It's pretty cool. (Sorry for the TMI but if you've read the above article, you're probably wondering...! :-)

Also... I might have been the only nutty mom but here is a good read on why we must not freak out at the thought of our kiddos using the public restrooms.

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