Friday, July 24, 2015

Infant car seat with alarm feature

With vehicular heatstrokes rising at an alarming rate every year, it is a true relief that a major baby product manufacturer came up with this genius idea at last: To sound an alarm to alert the driver that the baby is in the back seat whenever the driver turns off the car's ignition.

(And the other great thing is that the alarm also goes off if the chest clip is unbuckled mid-ride.)

This is truly the first-of-its-kind car seat and I believe it will change lives in big, big ways.

Walmart’s director of corporate communications put things into perspective in this interview: "Our hope is that no one would ever need the SensorSafe system, but the reality is that one child dies every nine days” from being left in a car. :-(

Well, I'm so hopeful that this brilliant feature will prevent numerous fatal accidents involving infants and young children (especially when they're so young and nap frequently, which is usually the case of babies getting forgotten) and I so so highly recommend this to anyone out there shopping for a baby car seat!

A big yay for Evenflo and Walmart!

(And thank God also for women who do this for other people's children!!)

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