Thursday, July 2, 2015

Best way to cuff jeans

I got this trick a couple of years ago from who else but the folks over at Real Simple, my most favorite magazine! :^)

Here are the very very simple steps:
  1. Grasp a bottom hem and fold it vertically so there’s a ½-inch tuck in front.
  2. Hold the tuck in place while you roll up the hem by about two inches twice. 
  3. Repeat with the other cuff.

This quick trick basically creates this nice, stylish look:

Park Overalls in Dixon Wash

Think of a bit puffy pegged (or rolled-up) jeans vice folded jeans, which can totally look awkward, IMHO...

It probably doesn't sound so right now, but once you try this trick, you will know that the difference is huge! :o)

(Top image from Real Simple; bottom image from Madewell)

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