Thursday, July 16, 2015

Best store-bought cookies ever

Hands down, these goodies from the Dancing Deer Baking Company are the best cookies ever.

I don't buy packaged cookies unless I really must (I usually bake my own, thanks to all the awesome recipes around the web, such as this and this and this :^) and even when I do, I only try to get those Whole Foods cookies that are freshly baked in-house, but oh boy. These Dancing Deer Baking Company cookies really, totally rocked my world.

I stumbled upon them by chance because they came with Delta Airlines' in-flight Luvo meals and I was truly surprised+impressed by how soft and chewy they were. In fact, I'm running over to Whole Foods after this post so I can stock up on these yummiest cookies!

I'm supposed to be recovering from my week-long trip to California but all I can think about are these yummy cookies...

Did I also mention that they're non-GMO and free of preservatives and artificial flavors/coloring? :-)

(Images from Dancing Deer Baking Company website and, my "online Whole Foods")

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