Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day-old newborns

If you should look at one more website today, you've got to read up on the absolutely precious portrait project entitled One Day Young by a London-based photographer Jenny Lewis.

I'm so touched by how intensely beautiful and empowering these portraits are -- just how precious are these pictures of moms in their homes with their newborns, each less than a day old?

The photos really do perfectly capture the joy and wonder of new motherhood, just 24 hours in. I remember going through so many different yet all powerful emotions in just one day...and then feeling like everything's a total blur just a few days after.

And if I may (for anyone who might be wondering right now)... The belly does not magically disappear after the baby is born. A mom's body is forever altered by pregnancy and childbirth no matter how big or small she carried her baby. This is a fact, no matter what some magazine covers like to flaunt. This applies to everyone -- I mean, it has happened to even princesses, right?

I realize this might be TMI but my personal experience has been that when I checked into the hospital, I was 215 lbs. (yes, I'm THAT lady who gained a whopping 75 lbs. of "baby weight") and when I came home with my newborn (who was 7+ lbs. no less!), I weighed 209 lbs. You can say I had NO idea what had just happened.

(All images from the One Day Young series by Jenny Lewis; click here for the entire gallery)

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