Monday, May 18, 2015

How to iron a dress shirt

In her genius Secrets to Living Well series, Design Mom Gabrielle graciously shared these 6 tips to properly iron a shirt. (Anyone who owns even one dress shirt must read this post right now.)

My personal tip is to always use Niagara, the spray starch that gives a sharp finish and keeps the shirt stay crisp all day long.

(Niagara is such a game changer and this is tested and proven because I had first heard about it from our very first housekeeper who couldn't live without it :-) and then several others over the years all agreed!)

There is also a heavy duty version but the regular kind works just fine.

And don't forget, at Costco, they come out to be like $3 per bottle! :^)

(Image from Design Mom, the amazing personal blog of design genius Gabrielle Blair (who is one cool mom of 6 children! I'm sure you all know this because she's so famous!))

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