Friday, May 22, 2015

How to introduce an older child to a new sibling

In addition to the expert tips by the folks who know what to expect when people are expecting, here is my personal tip:

When Aaron was born and then 29-month-old Collin was to visit us at the hospital to meet Aaron for the first time, I actually asked for Aaron to be taken back to the nursery so that I would be alone in the hospital room when Collin walked through the door. So that Collin wasn't going to walk in on his "mommy with her new baby," feeling crushed and left out.

After immediately showering Collin with hugs+kisses and telling him how helpful he's been by waiting patiently for mommy to bring the new baby into the world, I also tried to acquaint him with the hospital room, just chatting up a storm so he doesn't worry that I'm "sick" and also so that he lets his guard down, so to speak. After that, when Collin was more relaxed and was finally curious about the new baby, I asked him whether he was ready/excited to meet Aaron, and only then had Aaron brought back into the room.

This worked out for us wonderfully, mainly because Collin was not all that psyched about getting a sibling at that time and the last thing I wanted for him was to feel sidelined.

(Just a picture of the Aaron Man when he was a month old, back in summer of 2011.)

Again, I feel so blessed to be able to face the challenges of having more than one child, for God has truly been gracious with His love for all of us!

PS) The boys the other day, just chillin' with their robots while waiting for food at a nearby restaurant...

...and just chillin' at home...

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