Thursday, April 9, 2015

The most compelling Kickstarter campaign ever

"A guitar is designed to be strummed; piano keys are pressed; drum pads are tapped; violins are bowed. But what if a single instrument could be played with any of these techniques?"


If you have ever wanted to learn to play a guitar, violin, bass, banjo, ukulele, piano, or the drums (and the list goes on) but just don't know where to start or how...well, the ever-phenomenal Kickstarter has just the wildly amazing musical invention for you (that now has only 3 more days to go on its funding campaign! Go back the project before it's too late!).

Some tremendously genius folks at Artiphon have come up with a single instrument device called the Artiphon Instrument 1 that lets you "play any instrument, style, and sound" and "adapts to the way you want to play," no matter your style and skill level.

You can basically "strum a guitar, bow a violin, tap a piano, loop a beat – on a single instrument" with just your fingertips, and even "assign a different instrument to each string; for example, play a bass on the bottom and a guitar on the top."

Isn't this such a mind-blowingly awesome concept?!

And of course, the compact, sleek, and portable design really deserves a design award. I mean, look at how totally handsome it is...! :^)

(All images from Artiphon's Kickstarter campaign)

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