Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to find work-at-home jobs

Have you heard of these two phenomenal women (who are also working moms!) who created a nifty website to help other moms find work-at-home jobs???

Yes. You read it correctly.

When PowerToFly, a job-matching platform exclusively for moms at home launched in August last year, it was targeted primarily toward women in tech. Since then, "it’s had tens of thousands of women across multiple industries register for the site and apply for jobs with nearly 700 big-name employers like Buzzfeed and Hearst" and now, there is a myriad of jobs to be had, it's quite amazing!

(The company also launched its own app, PowerToFly Connect, last week: it "serves as a sort of social network and news site for this new community of remote workers.")

I am a work-at-home mom myself so their mission -- to give the women "the flexibility they need to raise a family and pursue their careers at the same time" -- really truly struck a chord with me.

Kudos to the ladies for their awe-inspiring initiative!

(Logo of PowerToFly)

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  1. There are many job opportunities around us but the difficult part is how to find a job that fits you.


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