Friday, April 17, 2015

A very cute store+some really great deals!

Have you heard of this lovely shop called Smallable?

Well, there are some real cute designer toys on sale right now!

Some of my finds, all under $20:

Palomar crumpled city map for New York City (100% waterproof!), $9.09 (They also have Paris, Berlin, and London :o)

Modello cardboard fire truck, $12.86

And a patrol car, $5.06

Djeco mobile, $9.74

Paperpod cardboard castle, $22.73

Locomotive train track, $12.12

Norev racing car set, $12.88

Makie polar bear rattle, $14.62

DwellStudio stamp set, $18.94

I supposed I'll be stocking up for a certain someone's birthday...

Happy shopping, everyone!

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