Friday, March 20, 2015

What we eat for breakfast I

Whenever there is absolutely nothing to be had for breakfast...

We just grab some Julian's Recipe Belgian Waffles from the freezer and warm them up in the toaster oven real fast and eat them with fresh fruit!

Even though it's really just frozen food, the boys love to pretend that it's a real meal...
Well, I do have to add that these waffles are pretty amazing. They actually taste very homemade and very fresh! I haven't seen them anywhere else but Whole Foods though. Oh well.


If we are not running late for school, we all gather in the kitchen to make these together:

For pancakes, I usually use this quick yet totally awesome recipe but minus the sugar because we love maple syrup way too much.

Or this one over at my other favorite mommy+lifestyle blog (by founding editors of the Cookie magazine!) Momfilter is also a delicious recipe.

And yes, it does take 17 more minutes to make anything whenever the boys join me in the kitchen, but you know, no biggie. :^P

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