Monday, March 2, 2015

Stay tuned for IKEA furniture you can charge your phone on!

According to The Wall Street Journal, IKEA unveiled yesterday a new collection of furniture (tables, desks, and lamps) that has wireless charging pads in them, and they are quite affordable: prices start at around $50!

How amazing is that?!

And an even better news, especially for those of you who already own a few pieces of IKEA furniture is that IKEA also announced it will sell wireless charging kits to build into existing furniture, starting at about $30... Not bad at all, right?

(If you are wondering, "the wireless charging works through an energy induction transfer and the furniture itself needs to be connected to a power source." ;o)

Oh, thank you, technology!

I'll be the first to run to my IKEA store when the collection hits the shelves on April 15, for sure! :o)

(Image from The Wall Street Journal)

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