Saturday, March 14, 2015

Research-backed ways to raise kids right

If you are in search of some good parenting tips, here is a real nifty list entitled "7 Research-Backed Ways to Raise Kids Right."

And on an unrelated note... Here is a picture of us from the summer of 2011 when Sung and I took Collin on an afternoon date to a nearby Outback Steakhouse, back when he was feeling a little confused by Aaron's arrival in the world.

I don't know about other children but Collin was basically ready but not ready for Aaron just yet.

That poor boy truly needed some alone time with us every now and then because he kept waking up every morning with a look on his face that said, "Is Aaron's mommy here yet???" (You know, to pick him up from us/take him home?)

Collin would probably deny/protest if I told him now but yes, that initial phase was not easy.

Thank God those days are behind us now!

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