Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to make grilled cheese at home

OK, this may not be such a secret but here is my tip for anyone who wants to make crisp but moist (not dry!) grilled cheese:

Cover that pan and use very very low heat!

Low and slow is all you need to remember...

That's all.

(I usually make the boys' less golden brown, like above. Sung and I love an almost burnt, deep brown grilled cheese -- crispy on the outside and super chewy and gooey inside is how we like them!)

Oh, and I like to use a dollop of mayonnaise (per sandwich, in addition to the melted butter to griddle in) to make the outside real crisp and surprisingly buttery.

Apparently, griddling both sides of each of the bread slice makes quite a difference, but I never have the time or patience so I just wing it this mayo trick instead. :o)

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