Friday, March 20, 2015

Already a year in preschool

Speaking of adult preschools (yup, you read that right)...

The beginning of spring this year is especially special because it also marks Aaron's very first year in preschool.

In mid-March last year, Aaron started attending Rainbow School, an amazing faith-based Korean-American private school (we opted for private because Fort Lee does not offer public preschool ed) that Collin had been attending since the summer of 2011 -- soon after Aaron was born ;o) -- and boy, have we come a long way!

These were taken in March 2014 when Aaron started going to "Collin's school":
See how totally, absolutely giddy Aaron was to be going to school, holding his big bro's hand and all! ;^)

And here are the boys now, after school.
(I usually pick up Collin from the neighborhood kindergarten and Aaron from his preschool and sometimes make a quick stop at Rt. 4 Starbucks for my venti iced latte (for the days that I need to work through the night till 1 or 2 am)... On this day, we were given free cake pops just because that is the best Starbucks around and all the baristas are totally awesome and they are our friends and they always give us extra iced water whenever I stop by with my kids! :o) It is our favorite because it also has a drive-thru!:

Or we just grab some yummy yogurt if we end up going grocery shopping together:

Happy spring, everyone! We cannot be more glad that spring is finally here!

We're usually off to the neighborhood parks and playgrounds and don't really come home till Halloween. How about you?

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