Monday, February 23, 2015

Ladies, leave your hair down

(Photo from Mother Magazine, the coolest full-service, style-leaning parenting website)

I have always loved wearing my hair up in a ponytail, especially since Collin came along in 2008 (followed by Aaron in 2011). It simply has been the easiest, fastest way to do my hair, and required the least maintenance throughout the day.

But I just read on Mother Magazine that "wearing your hair up, tied in a tight bun or ponytail can actually cause breakage and promote hair loss." Uh oh. It added: "Try wearing hair down more often or keep your tresses in a loose braid if you need to keep your hair pulled back."

No wonder I've been feeling like my hair now has half the volume it used to have up until my late 20's! (Turning 38 is no joke for sure! Eeek.)

So today, I'm putting my hair down (yes, I've cut my hair short)... Let's see how long this would last:

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about aging gracefully, as I'd like to put it, do hop on over to check out these "10 Anti-Aging Habits To Start Now."

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