Saturday, February 21, 2015

How much to tip for food delivery in bad, bad weather

We really have been getting too much belated snow this winter. The boys are having a ton of fun, of course, but shoveling is so hard and we feel so bad for everyone who has to labor away day and night to clear the roads... God bless those snow plow trucks!

Just the other day, I found this insightful article by Grub Street on how to tip the food delivery person when the weather is really, really horrible.

In the article, Adam Eric Greenberg, a UC San Diego Ph. D. candidate and co-author of probably the most thorough study yet on bad-weather tips (according to Grub Street) is cited as saying that:

"You should tip at least $2 to $3 no matter what you order — even if it takes the delivery person an extra ten minutes to get to you. Delays are almost never the delivery guy's fault, so be especially forgiving when the weather is terrible.

...For orders above $15, percentage-based tipping should kick in: The standard 18 to 20 percent gratuity you would leave a restaurant server. When the weather is bad, be a bit more generous by tipping 20 to 22 percent. If it's raining outside, tip 22 to 25 percent.

...If there's any snow accumulation, add a dollar or two on top of what you'd tip if it were raining. Having to work as a delivery guy during a blizzard is similar to getting stuck with a party of 20 as a restaurant server, so if you hear weather forecasters promising a "polar vortex, " a 30 percent tip is not outrageous."

And of course, tipping well is no replacement for common courtesy. The article added: "'The rudest thing you can do is just take your food, say nothing, and close the door'... Another delivery man agreed that some quick conversation goes a long way: "Just ask, 'Jeez, how is it out there?' or say, 'Man, this came fast.'""

Isn't that so true?!

By the way... Here's us any time there's "any snow accumulation" (as noted in the article ;o):

We even go sledding at a friend's backyard (on Long Island):

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