Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aaron at 14 months

Of the three men that live in our house, Aaron HS Kim is the real man around the house because he is so easy-going and so easy to please and so very happy-go-lucky overall.

He is always doing a cute/funny/silly/sometimes reckless/ominous thing (in that order) that would totally make us laugh/filled with amusement and delight (or shock, of course); and he never cries, ever.

He just has got to be the baby with the highest tolerance to pain because he just would not cry! (OK, by pain I mean if he stumbles on the sidewalk or bumps into the sofa or drops his toy car on his foot or just things like that!)

Either that or all those theories about birth order and personalities are very true.

Oh, how we love him so!

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