Thursday, February 26, 2015

Look at how we have grown

Just an update on how fast the boys have been growing...

Collin is now 6 and is caring, gentle, funny; loves Lego, swimming, and soccer, and just loves to dance. Since starting kindergarten in September last year, Collin is now able to read I-Can-Read books on his own and loves math problems (which is a surprise because I'm completely math-impaired) and is also pretty good about getting his homework done before doing anything else after school, and doesn't seem to mind doing all the clean up even without his younger bro helping.

Aaron will be 4 come May and is totally, absolutely full of energy and is called the "Aaron Man" (as in "Iron Man") here in the house. He loves to jump around and loves to dance just like his older bro (again, thank God for Go Noodle), and would rather jump around and dance when asked to clean up the books and toys... He is an overall easy-going little guy who secretly still loves Baby Genius videos on Netflix.

Both of them somehow love to shower me with hugs and kisses though (I hope and pray this never ends!) and tell me that I'm the best cook and eats most things, and are uber good about saying prayers before meals and bedtime...

Sung and I could not be more grateful because we used to tell each other that as long as our kids are healthy, anything more than that would be a bonus. :-)

Our prayer is that they grow up to be happy, loving, compassionate young men who love the Lord and are kind and generous with their gifts and talents.

What are your wishes for your child/children?

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