Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mother of all scooters

If you have tried to teach your young child how to ride his/her scooter but failed miserably each and every time...

Grieve no more.

A mini or maxi from Micro Kickboard is all you need.

Do not listen to anyone who has never fallen off a scooter/raves about a Razor or a Radio Flyer (yes, I own one of each but my kids could never go far on either)... They're good looking scooters, but please trust me on this. If you want a smooth and safe ride that even your 2-year-old can enjoy, a Micro mini or maxi is your absolute best bet.

PS. I looked just now and there are some seriously good bargains in their sale section!

(Scooter images from the official website of Micro Kickboard)

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